Online Casino Bingo

The Origins of Bingo

If you’ve only played bingo in an online casino, you may not realize its origins in the real world.   It’s thought that the first bingo games can be found looking all the way back to Italy, in the year 1530.  The game was a variant of a lottery, called “Lo Giuco be Lotto”.

It took over 200 years for this game to migrate over to France, where it quickly gained popularity in the 1700’s.  There it was shaped into the form that we’re familiar with today.


It’s no wonder that bingo has gone from those humble beginnings to become one of the most popular games online, in casinos or on other sites.  It was the French who first took up the idea of calling the numbers out.  Europe embraced the game heartily in the 1800s, where the caller would hold a bag of normally wooden chips, numbered from 1 to 90.  The object of the game was much the same as it is today – to cover a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row.

Americans were first introduced to the game in 1929.  Hit hard by the Depression, citizens needed something to take their mind off their troubles.  Using dried beans, a rubber stamp and a cardboard sheet, the game was called “Beano”, and become immensely popular.  Not long after its introduction, a New York toy salesman named Edwin Lowe observed that players called out “BEANO!” after a win.  Mr. Lowe introduced the game to a group of friends, where one mistakenly yelled out “BINGO!” instead – thus giving the game its modern name. By the 1950’s, bingo was popular all over America, and today the game is found everywhere – including on the Net.  Online Bingo is a craze that seems unlikely to cool, and attracts more and more players each day, playing for fun or for cash or other prizes.