Online Casino Roulette


When you bet on roulette, you may wager on a single number, or use your bet to cover up to 18 numbers in one spin depending on the type of wager.  Following is a summary of different bets in roulette, ranked by payout:

Betting Straight Up

Paying out a whopping 35 to 1, you’ll bet on a single number on the wheel, including zero (0), and double-zero (00) if it’s available.

Split Bet

It’s called a ‘split bet’ when you wager on two adjacent numbers on the layout, by placing your bet on the line between them.  Hit this bet and you’ll reap a 17 to 1 payday.

Street Bet

The rows of three numbers on the layout can be bet on using a ‘street bet’.  To make your bet place the chips on the outer right boundary line of the table next to the ‘street’.  If any of these three numbers are called, you’ll be paid out 11 to 1.

Corner Bet

So 3’s not a crowd yet?  Then try a corner bet by placing your wager at the intersection of four numbers.  This bet yields an 8 to 1 return on each win.

Five Bet

This time you’re betting on set numbers and the bet is only applicable on tables with the 00.  Put your bet outside the table on the right side, between 00 and 3 and you’ll win if the ball rests in the 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3 spots.  Five bets payout 6 to 1.

Line Bet

Like betting 2 ‘streets’ at once, a line bet covers six numbers in two rows on the table.  Your bet is placed on the outer boundary of the layout where the ‘streets’ intersect.  With luck, one of your six chosen numbers will come up and you’ll receive a 5 to 1 payout.

Column Bet

Check the short side of the roulette layout and you’ll find three boxes, often labeled “2 to 1”.  Placing a wager in one of these spots covers all twelve numbers above it, and pays out 2 to 1.  Note that this bet does not include 0 or 00.

Dozen Bet

There three boxes on the roulette table that indicate “1st 12”, “2nd 12”, and “3rd 12”.  Bet on any of these ‘dozens’ and you’ll be hoping for a 2 to 1 payday.

Low/High —  Even/Odd — Red/Black Bets

These three types of bets are near identical.  They are available on the left side of the layout and covers half of the numbers on the roulette table.  The best odds here, but the payout on wins is only 1 to 1 – you win your wager.


Probably the biggest factor the player can control when looking to join the ranks of roulette winners is money management.  Know when to walk away!  The game is one of high excitement, and this causes many players to overextend their bankrolls.  Placing different types of bets around the layout is likely to prolong your play compared to sticking with one-number, high-risk bets.

Maximizing fun with roulette, some players like to keep a side-stash of chips to make impulse bets should an unusual pattern appear, looking to let it ride with ‘Lady Luck’.  It’s important not to allow your play to be dictated by such wild swings if you hope to walk away from a winner, but now and again they do happen to bring in a good score.  Most importantly, there are no, repeat NO roulette systems that can overcome the house edge – don’t be fooled!